Early Learning & Child Development Center
Ola Academy accepts children from six weeks old to twelve years old.  Children who are enrolled in our school are placed in an age-appropriate program that supports their social and emotional development as well as  meet their educational needs.  We value our partnership with parents in determining the best program for their child's success, based on their individual needs and goals.

Click on the links below to print enrollment forms.
  • For new enrollment, please print out forms #1 through #4 as they apply to all students. 

  • For the After School Program, you will need form #5, "Transportation Agreement".

  • If you are enrolling an infant, please print out form # 6, the "Infant Feeding Plan".

  • If your child is taking medication, either over the counter or prescription, please print form #7, the "Authorization for Medication" form.  (*note: Over the counter medication can not be given for more than a week without a doctor's note.) Please refer to this form any time your child requires medication while attending school.