Our Mission

Welcome to Ola Academy! All of us at Ola Academy would like to welcome you and your family to our school.  Our mission is to provide a clean and safe nurturing environment with a focus on quality educational programs that prepare children for a successful transition into Kindergarten and beyond.

Preschool is the first impression most children will have of what school and education is all about.  We want to make sure that children of all ages experience education as an exciting adventure that they can be successful at.  Through our curriculums and activities, children will experience learning through play, circle time activities, small and large group literacy development, math and science discovery, as well as educational field trips for Pre-K and Summer Camp.

Our holistic approach to early care and education encompasses the whole child, by meeting their needs for basic care, and social and emotional development, as well as provide an academic environment that challenges each child based on their individual needs.

We invite all parents to become involved at Ola Academy, and encourage regular visits.  The home-school partnership is strengthened by parental involvement, and there is a spirit of cooperation and progress at our school that we would like to share with you!

Early Learning & Child Development Center